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Swedish Language

The Swedish language is a Scandinavian language that is spoken today by more than 9 million people in Sweden, parts of Finland, and elsewhere in Europe and worldwide. The Swedish language has seen a great deal of evolution over the past several hundred years, mostly due to influence from religious factions and other European nations….

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Danish Language

The country of Denmark, located in Northern Europe, is the smallest and southernmost of the Nordic nations. Its capital is the famed city of Copenhagen, and the country is populated by nearly 5.8 million people. The Danish language is the official tongue of Denmark. The Danish language is spoken by 5.5 million people chiefly in…

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Dutch Language

The Dutch language is the official language spoken in the Kingdom of the Netherlands, which is made up of the Netherlands, the Netherlands Antilles, and Aruba. In English, Dutch is also sometimes referred to as “Netherlandic”. In addition to being the official language of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, it is also the official language…

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The French Language

With a history dating back to the Latin language of the Roman Empire, French is one of the most popular of the Romance languages. Today, more than 274 million people embrace the French language as their native tongue (212 million) or second language. Originally spoken in the regions of France, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Switzerland, the…

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Portuguese Language

The Portuguese language is the official language of the country of Portugal, which is located southwest of the Iberian Peninsula in southwestern Europe, neighboring the country of Spain. Portuguese is an Iberian Romance language, which is a western group of languages that have their roots in the Latin dialects that were spoken by the people…

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Tsalagi – Cherokee Language

The Cherokee are a people native to North America who populated the Eastern and Southeastern United States before being forcibly moved to Northeastern Oklahoma during the infamous Trail of Tears in 1838-39 by order of President Andrew Jackson. The Cherokee language, known to the native people as Tsalagi, is spoken today by approximately 22,000 people,…

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What Is Mexican Spanish?

Is the official language spoken Mexico truly different that the Spanish spoken in Spain? The differences existing between Spanish spoken in Spain and Mexican Spanish are no greater than the differences found in American and British English. There are without doubt nuisances and colloquialisms that are particular to each country, but deviations similarly exist in…

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History Of The Spanish Language In Latin America

The Spanish language arrived in America first through Cristóbal Colón’s exploratory travels, and then with the rest of colonizers, at the end of the fifteenth century. At this point the Spanish language was already firmly consolidated in the Iberian peninsula. In the “new world”, however, Spanish had yet to be established, and this was done…

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One Billion Reasons To Have A Chinese SEO System

China is the fastest growing economy in the world. Yet barriers exist to American company’s full participation in the booming Chinese economy. These barriers are technology, language and communications. SEO might be one business model to use to get into the Chinese economy, but Chinese translation will be required. American businesses will need to learn…

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The Chickasaw Language

About the Chickasaws The Chickasaws are original people of the american southeast, particularly Mississipi, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky and Missoury. Most Chickasaw people speack their native Chickasaw language that is very similar to Choctaw. They are now fighting to preserve their language and culture by embracing modern technology. Chickasaw language The Chickasaw language is classified as…