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Our professional translators provide expert services to convert your project from 52 languages into Bengali and Bengali into 52 language.. Our Bengali language professionals offer not only translation services but also wide-ranging knowledge of the source language, target language and subject matter. Our skilled Bengali translating team can reliably and accurately translate any type of language material.

Bangali Language

Bengali belongs to the Eastern Indo-Aryan language family and can be traced back from at least the last thousand years.

The international prominence of Bengali has its historical reason in the medieval Islamic conquests and the subsequent Arabization of the Middle East and North Africa, and also exists as a liturgical language amongst Muslim communities outside of the Arab World.

Bengali dialects

The Bengali dialects are classified as: written dialects, spoken dialects and regional dialects.

The spoken types of Bengali dialects include but are not limited to: Choltibhasha (which follows the rules of the written dialect Choltibhasha) and Ancholik. Apart from these there are different variations of spoken dialects corresponding to the different rural areas.

The written Bengali dialects include the Shadhubhasha and Choltibhasha. Shadhubhasha is the older form of written Bengali dialect, which was commonly used during the initial period when Bengali was standardized by Iswar Vidhyasagar, a famous linguist of those days. Shadhubhasha was more influenced by Sanskrit and was mostly used by the priests, rather than common man. The Indian national anthem was written in Shadhubhasha.

Choltibhasha or Chalitbhasha is the Standard written dialect of Bengali today and was developed almost in the same period when Shadhubhasha came in existence. It was, however, created in a form that would be easily understood by the common man.

The Bengali regional dialects can be divided into: western dialects, eastern dialects, northern dialects and southern dialects. The western Bengali dialects are sub-divided as Western Central dialects and Western border dialects. The Western Central dialects were the ones from which the standard spoken form of Bengali language has been derived. The Western border dialect is mainly the Manbhum dialect.

The different Eastern dialects are respectively grouped according to the different locations in the East of Bangladesh, namely: Barisal, Chittagong, Comilla, Faridpur, Noakhali, Manikganj, Mymensingh, Munshiganj and Sylhet.

Southern Bengali dialects are the: Chaudanga dialect, Jessore dialect and Khulna dialect. Northern dialects are the Bogra dialect, Dinajpur dialect, Rangpur dialect and Pabna dialect.Salient characteristics of Bengali

In Bengali, the written forms of the vowels can be written as independent letters. The consonants have inbuilt vowels with dual pronunciations.

The punctuation marks in Bengali are adopted from the Western world languages. The letters of Bengali are written hanging to a horizontal line, and the presence or absence of this horizontal line are important, as a character with horizontal line could mean something different than that without a horizontal line.

Why Translate Your Message and Websites into Bengali?

Bengali is one of the primary language of India and Bangladesh. With about 220 million native and about 250 million total speakers, Bengali is one of the most spoken languages, ranked seventh in the world. The largest Bengali speaking population is concentrated in Bangladesh and India, along with some in various Gulf countries, European countries and North America. Bengali is an official language in Bangladesh and Indian states like West Bengal, Assam and Tripura.

Bengali Translations have very important role to play in today’s scenario. The globalization of business, fuelled by falling trade barriers, political organization, and exploding communications technology, has made Bengali Translation requirements a necessity rather than just a “benefit” for all business.

Quality assured Bengali translators

Our Bengali translators have impeccable linguistic credentials and years of experience in the Bengali translation industry. In addition, they have degrees or extensive experience in fields such as:

  • General Documents

  • Legal Documents

  • Marketing Material

  • Websites

  • Manuals

  • Finance

  • Medical

  • Technical

  • Tourism, etc.

Our translators work on projects that match their subject matter expertise to ensure the nuances of the Bengali language are translated properly within a specific topic.

The Best Bengali translation to help your business grow

We have only one level of translation service – The Best.

The Best service means:

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So, whether you have one or one hundred translations done, you will always receive consistent top quality translation.

Top quality personal Bengali translation

We consider accuracy a major benchmark to measure the quality of our work. Documents must be translated correctly to guarantee that the exact messages is conveyed and understood. This is especially important with technical and legal documents because of the serious consequences that might result if they are translated incorrectly. To achieve this we follow strict proofreading and editing procedures to ensure your text is accurately translated.

Translation rates for Bengali Translations

Clearly, a number of factors (presence of highly technical language in the source text, the requested deadline, total word count) influence the price of a translation from and into bengali. For a full Intant quote, click on ‘GET A QUOTE‘ and complete the form.

Bengali translation you can trust

How do I begin my Bengali language translation project? Get a price now!

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