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Welcome to WorldLiterate Blog. This blog welcomes posts form guest writers with the aim of providing articles and information covering all aspects of language translation, localization, multilingual SEO, interpreting, culture and the many views around these topics. We have a team of regular contributors, however if you would like to submit a post, please follow the guidelines below. worldliterate.com reserve the right to decline any post we feel are inappropriate or off topic.

    • Your post must be relevant to the nature of this blog. I.E about language translation, localization, multilingual SEO, interpreting.
    • Post are required to be approximately 600 words in length.
    • All post must be unique, if we find that the blog article has been posted elsewhere, it will be removed.
    • Proofread your article draft before submission. A clear structure will make the editorial process easier (and quicker) for the both of you. Usually the rule of thumb is:
      1 – Introduction
      2 – Paragraphs presenting an idea that supports your viewpoint
      3 – Conclusion/Summary that reinforces what you’ve saidAll posts must be written in good quality English. No spelling or grammatical errors and of course no spinned texts.
    • Backlinks are permitted however any excessive backlinking will be removed and any submissions that look to contain spam links or suspect content will not be published.

    Alternatively if you would like us to write a post for your blog we would be more than willing. To discuss or submit a post please contact us.

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Benefits Of Guest Blogging

Like Twitter, the rise of SEO in importance and influence is adding extra layers of complexity and increasing the number of boxes to tick to get your voice heard in the Blogosphere.  As more features to maximise the penetration of posts are introduced, bloggers need to adapt and move with the evolution, or face being cast adrift in the Internet Ocean.

For people who rely on their blogs to help win them work, sales or brand exposure, remaining on top of trends in SEO to improve the visibility of your blog can be tough if you take the challenge on your own. But if you collaborate with fellow blogs, through guest blogging, or backlinking, then the phrase ‘a problem shared is a problem halved’ does take on a new meaning. Not forgetting that guest blogging introduces your works to a whole new audience.

Guest blogging and collaboration with other bloggers can be one of the best marketing tools at your disposal. But don’t just take our word for it, there are many blogs out there documenting the features and benefits of both hosting and writing guest posts.

Here at WorldLiterate.com we are actively looking to engage linguists, and those who blog on language issues to contribute to our blog, and we are already working with other blogs to help build our sphere of influence.