For businesses wanting a competitive edge, a multi-lingual website will present one of the most high impact means of expanding a client base and seeing greater sales volume.

A multi-lingual website is becoming a necessity for businesses and organisations as the world marketplace expands and the internet continues to grow, to become the default port of call for businesses and individuals searching for goods and service information.

Here’s 10 great reasons why you would get your website translated SOONER rather than LATER.


With new business and new customers in mind, for the non-English speaking user looking for products and services, you are immediately accessible and capture their attention, with your multi-lingual website giving your company appeal to potentially thousands of people across the globe.


In its inception, the internet was an English speaking domain, but with the changing times, growing numbers of users are from Albania to Zimbabwe, and English may soon be a minority in the world of internet use. Research has shown us such countries as France, China, Italy and Japan are seeing substantial growth in the on-line space. A senior analyst at Neilsen-Netratings advises “Acquiring users in markets that are currently in their growth stages will lead to a loyal user base that will pay dividends for internet companies in the future.” If you have the foresight there are massive revenues to be found for little effort or expense.


There are very few ways to gain substantial increase in sales, for such little investment, as a translation project. If say, your site was translated in to 4 of the main languages, Spanish, French, German, Italian, there is the potential for a 400% increase in sales. With each language added to your portfolio you have potential for an increase of up to 100%, which is pretty exciting.


A multi-lingual promotion, (website, marketing material, brochures, manuals) in the overall picture is possibly the most cost effective way to capture new business, build relationships and market your brand with an international look. The ability to connect with a foreign audience in their own language will definitely yield financial results, but will also create much more awareness of your brand and product or service.

5. C.C.C

Customer Centric Culture, the new buzz word. Nothing makes a business more appealing than thinking you care, and nothing says you care about your customer more than offering your layouts, merchandising, web and /or marketing initiatives to them specifically, in their own language. Simply, if a customer knows you care, they will want to do business with you.


When you engage the services of an experienced translation company such as BLUE SOUTH, you are able to overcome the cultural barriers and offer comfort and confidence by giving customers access to your products and services in their native language, which in turn gives them the ability to understand and interact with your company.


If you were to need a particular product or service but it was only offered to you in Arabic say, and the only Arabic you could recognise was ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’, how confident and secure would you be in purchasing over the internet and who you were buying from? Extending your service in a language your audience is proficient in, builds immediate and ongoing trust when using a foreign company.


A multi-lingual brand speaks volumes. It gives you an ‘INTERNATIONAL PRESENCE.’ Your organisation thinks, works and cares on a global level. When customers are searching, ‘IMAGE IS EVERYTHING.’


The competitive edge is constantly being sought and the global arena is a tough playing field, requiring you to bring your ‘A’ game. Do your competitors offer a multi-lingual website? If so, you seriously need to consider this too. If not, then grab your advantage and lead the way, establish your company brand abroad before your competition does.

10. SEO

Seek Every Opportunity! The very essence of the name suggests when searching the internet’s engine, it will find you the most optimal sites to fit your requirements, so having pages of your site available in your target languages ensures the maximum potential for your services to be found in the searches. Home grown search engines are on the rise and are gaining success because they work in native languages, capitalising on the lifestyles, habits and needs of their users. Tapping into those search engines with your services offered in a particular language is bound to increase your market share. CAN YOU BE FOUND IN JAPAN, CHINA AND FRANCE?