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Our highly experienced and professional translation team offer excellence in Korean translations. Our certified and professional Korean translators help individuals, businesses and organizations to communicate effectively with Korean speakers around the world. Our top-quality, affordable translation services are guaranteed to bridge the language divide. We also offer professional Korean translation services that bridges the language gap between businesses, organizations, and individuals. We provide competitively-priced and timely professional translations of website texts, legal document translation, certified translations, business document translations and technical documents, as well as many other types of texts that will help you communicate effectively.

Korean language

Korean is the official language of Korea, both South and North. It is also one of the two official languages in the Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture in China.

There are about 78 million Korean speakers. In the 15th century a national writing system was commissioned by Sejong the Great, the system being currently called Hangul. Prior to the development of Hangul, Koreans used Hanja to write for over a millennium.

The genealogical classification of the Korean language is debated by a small number of linguists. Most classify it as a language isolate while a few consider it to be in the Altaic language family. Some believe it to be distantly related to Japanese-Ryukyuan. Like Japanese-Ryukyuan, Ainu, Nivkh, Altaic, and many other languages, the Korean language is agglutinative in its morphology and SOV in its syntax. The standard language of South Korea is based on the dialect of the area around Seoul, and the standard for North Korea is based on the dialect spoken around P’yŏngyang. All dialects of Korean are similar to each other, and are in fact all mutually intelligible, perhaps with the exception of the dialect of Jeju Island (see Jeju dialect). The dialect spoken in Jeju is in fact classified as a different language by some Korean linguists.

The Korean language places a large amount of importance on honorifics, grammatical forms used to convey honor or respect when speaking with a social superior. Special nouns or verb endings are used to indicate respect when speaking to a person who is a social superior. Who is deemed to be of superior social status in Korean society? Generally someone is considered superior if he or she is older or holds a position of rank, such as an employer or teacher. Honorifics are an essential part of the Korean language and should be used correctly in order to avoid offence.

Why Translate Your Documents and Websites into Korean?

Worldwide, there are around 78 million Korean speakers. It is the native language of North and South Korea and is widely spoken in neighbouring Yanbian, China as well as the Former Soviet Union, Brazil, Japan, The USA & Canada. The Philippines has also recently adopted this language. South Korea is a technology, manufacturing and industrial powerhouse in Asia with a large market for imports and exports. South Korea has a population of 49 million people. The Korean language is the 12th most spoken language in the world. Companies that seek to expand their operations in Asia cannot ignore the potential opportunities that South Korea offers, both as a client and a supplier. Some South Korean companies such as Samsung, Kia, and Hyundai have strong presences in the U.S.

Let WorldLiterate Translations find just the right Korean translator for your needs

Language is a living thing it develops and changes constantly. To ensure our translators keep abreast of the language our Korean translators live in-county and translate into their mother tongue. Our database of translators ensures that we can guarantee you a fast turnaround, even on large documents with short deadlines.

Our Korean Translation Services include:

  • Technical Manual Translation
  • Instruction Manual Translation
  • Business Translation into/from Korean
  • Website Translation & Website Localization
  • Legal Translation, including Contract translation, patent translation, Corporate translation
  • Brochure Translation
  • Budget Report Translation
  • Letter Translation
  • Translation of Marketing Materials
  • Employee Handbook Translation
  • Korean Human Resources Documentation Translation
  • Policy Manual Translation
  • Translation of Surveys
  • Translation of Catalogues
  • Translate Product Literature

Why choose our Korean Translation Services?

  • All language combinations
  • All sectors and specializations
  • Competitive rates
  • Quality-minded
  • Outstanding customer care
  • One of the fastest growing translation agencies in Europe
  • Over 25 Korean professional linguists available, so that your translation project can begin immediately

Quality Assurance in 7 steps

The reason we can assure the quality of your Korean translation is that we work according to a carefully created plan, designed to maximize quality and minimize the possibility of any error:

  • Your source materials will be carefully analysed.
  • A detailed translation strategy will be drawn up for your project.
  • Your translation or project will be assigned to an expert Korean translator.
  • A terminology database will be created for your translation.
  • Diverse quality control methods will be used during the actual translation process.
  • Your translation will be put in the appropriate format.
  • The seventh step of our Quality Assurance Scheme is the second proofreading of your translation by a native Korean linguist.

And the last step, of course, is the Final Quality Assessment for your Korean translation, conducted by the translator together with the Project Manager, which ensures the exceptional quality and accuracy that characterizes our translations.

You pick the languages, we guarantee the quality!

Our global network of translators ensures that we can guarantee you a fast turnaround, even on large documents with short deadlines. Whether it’s Korean from/to any other language pair (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, etc.), the quality of your Korean translation is guaranteed.

Translation rates for Korean Translations

Clearly, a number of factors (presence of highly technical language in the source text, the requested deadline, total word count) influence the price of a translation from and into Korean. For a full Intant quote, click on ‘GET A QUOTE‘ and complete the form.

Korean translation you can trust

How do I begin my Korean language translation project? Get a price now!

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