Hebrew is truly a difficult language. This is not just an expression but an actual fact grounded in reality.

The vocabulary of the Modern Hebrew language has been frequently enriched with new terms from the technology world and directly from the street into the spoken language

Although Israel has “the academy” endowed with the role of naming new objects most of modern’s Hebrew new word and professional terms arrive from the people themselves and the media.

Hebrew translation, even when done from the commonest languages requires skilled translator expert in content editing and writing. This is true even when We need translation services to or from English because there are a selection of Hebrew words that are Irreplaceable in any language. For such cases you need a translator that knows how to convert those words into an Identical cultural values.

Take for example the word “תתחדש” (loosely put newfied) quite a common word in Hebrew and could be found in daily use but even the world’s largest consumer nation (United States) doesn’t have an Equivalent in English.

A bit about Hebrew

Hebrew, Aramaic and Arabic all have a similar structure. Also these three languages share many words with the same meaning such as a prophet, working, world, Scorpion and more.

According to the Jewish religion, the world was created using Hebrew letters. Also, God angels used the Hebrew language. That is why the Hebrew language is called the Holy Tongue.

Common Hebrew translation

Most common hebrew translation are document translation . That includes books translation, letters translation, correspondence translation and more.

Seconds most common translation to Hebrew is academic translation of academic research and papers. Israel is a star in academic research and universities in Israel are considered to give birth to some of the world most unique inventions and minds.

Also common is legal Hebrew translation, website translation, medical translation, scientific translation, marketing materials translation and more

Using an Israeli translation company would guarantee you a lower price and that’s thanks to the currency difference. Although in most parts of the world translation is priced by the word in Israel its priced per page.