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Greek Language

Greek has been spoken in the Balkan Peninsula since the 2nd millennium BC. The earliest evidence of this is found in the Linear B tablets dating from 1500 BC. The alphabet normally used was adapted from the Phoenician alphabet in c. 1000 BC and, with various modifications, is still used today.

Greek is the official language of Greece, where it is spoken by approximately 10 million people. It is also one of the official languages of Cyprus, where there are an additional 600,000 speakers. Beyond that, some 3 million people elsewhere in the world claim Greek as their first language, including numerous speakers in Turkey, Albania, Canada, and the United States. Greek has been one of the official languages of the European Union since 1981.

It is a member of the Indo-European family of languages. Greek speakers, probably invaders from the Balkans, were established in the Greek peninsula by the 16th century B.C. Ancient Greek had many dialects including Aeolic, Arcadian, Doric, Cyprian, and Ionic. As Athens became the dominant political and cultural centre of ancient Greece, the Ionic dialect spoken there– Attic Greek– formed the basis for a common dialect, the Koine dialect, which was understood throughout the Greek-speaking world.

Two main forms of the language have been in use since the end of the Medieval Greek period: Dhimotikí, the Demotic (vernacular) language, and Katharévusa, an imitation of classical Greek. Demotic was the language used for creative literature and everyday speech. Demotic Greek is the official language of the modern Greek state, and the most widely spoken by Greeks today. Katharevousa, on the other hand, was the official language of the armed forces, law, medicine, schools, newspapers, and broadcast media. In 1976 the Greek government adopted Demotic (Modern Greek) as the official language.

Some scholars have overly stressed Modern Greek’s similarity to the millennia-old Greek languages. However, its intelligibility with ancient Greek is a matter of debate. It is claimed that an “educated” speaker of the modern language can read the ancient dialects, but it is not made clear how much of that education consists of exposure to vocabulary and grammar obsolete to normal communication. Still, Koine, an older version of Greek originally used to write the New Testament and the Septuagint, is easily understood by modern speakers.

Greek word forms continue to have a great influence in the world’s scientific and technical vocabulary, and make up a large part of the technical vocabulary of many languages including Latin, Italian, German, French, and English e.g. astronomy, democracy, philosophy, thespian, anthropology etc.

Why Translate Your Message and Websites into Greek?

Greek is spoken by 15 million people. But the major importance of Greek language is the fact that Greece is a member of the European Union and an one of the most famous tourist destinations.

The Greek language has a long and noble history. Few cultures display a sense of pride to the degree that is demonstrated by the Greek people. The language, culture, and history permeate contemporary literature, art, and philosophy. Ancient Greece is considered by many to be the cradle of Western civilization and Greece’s continued influence on the world is undeniable.

Modern Greek is a living tongue and one of the richest surviving languages today, with more than 600,000 words. Many Greek words have been Anglicized to make them easier for non-native speakers to read. But true Greek uses its own alphabet comprised of 24 letters, which has been in continuous use since at least the eighth century BCE. The Greek alphabet was the basis for both the Latin and Cyrillic alphabets, and while some letters can be easily deciphered, if you’re not a native Greek speaker, making out letters, syllables, and words can be extremely difficult.

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WorldLiterate is a full-service provider of translation services designed to meet business, professional, and personal needs. Our services are designed in conjunction with our clients to meet the specific requirements of client projects. Below is a description of our most requested services. However, we’re always happy to try to accommodate any additional translation or language services you need, even if they are not listed here. Just let us know so we can start helping you.

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Our company frequently translates academic credentials, passports, birth certificates, and other personal documents for our clients. We are well-known for providing fast and accurate translations of these essential materials. Because such records frequently need government inspection and approval, clients are strongly advised to entrust their translation only to recognized experts like us with the background and skills to produce . Many of our clients require quick translations their documents, often due to travel or application deadlines, so our team is standing by around the clock to answer your questions and address your translation requirements.

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We consider accuracy a major benchmark to measure the quality of our work. Documents must be translated correctly to guarantee that the exact messages is conveyed and understood. This is especially important with technical and legal documents because of the serious consequences that might result if they are translated incorrectly. To achieve this we follow strict proofreading and editing procedures to ensure your text is accurately translated.

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