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Our professional translators provide expert services to convert your project from 52 languages into French and French into 52 language.. Our French language professionals offer not only translation services but also wide-ranging knowledge of the source language, target language and subject matter. Our skilled French translating team can reliably and accurately translate any type of language material, from websites to legal contracts and from simple certificates and short business letters to complex marketing brochures, entire presentations, and even books! We translate documents from a wide variety of fields: technical, financial, medical, legal, tourism, and many, many others.

Why Translate Your Documents and Websites into French?

French is widely considered to be among the top 10 most spoken languages in the World. French is the official language of France and also its 10 overseas territories that span the globe from Africa to the Antarctic lands.

French is obviously the main language in France but also spoken widely in, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Switzerland, and by about 300 million people around the world as either a native or a second language, with significant populations in 54 countries.

Today in France there is debate about the preservation of the French language and the influence of English especially regarding international business, science and popular culture. The Toubon Law, which came into force in France in 1994, dictates the use of the French language in official government publications, advertisements, and many other contexts.

This law makes it mandatory for commercial advertisements and public broadcasts to be given in French. Advertisements that are created in a foreign language often have a translation in the footnotes. Non-commercial communications, web pages or publications from individuals or private bodies can be in any language.

In addition to French, there are at least ten distinct Romance languages spoken in France, including Picard, Gascon, Provençal, and more. With our location based translators, you can be assured that your communications will be translated as required, to the audience you intend to reach.

Let WorldLiterate Translations find just the right French translator for your needs

In order to avoid costly and dangerous mistranslations, we at WorldLiterate assure our clients that even the most specialised documents will be translated by a native French translator. Moreover, your specific French translator will only be assigned the translation project if they have proven experience and affinity in your particular specialisation.

Getting the French translation of your documents right can be very tricky. The French language is spoken widely around the world but there are a few differences depending on where your translation is intended to be used. Clearly if your French translation is aimed at French teenagers it will need to use their phrases and maybe even slang. Missing these small issues can be the difference between a successful translation and a bad one.

WorldLiterate Translations: When nothing but perfection will suffice

WorldLiterate Translations is a market leader in translation, interpreting, copywriting and localization. We offer our services on a global scale to individuals and businesses. In order to deliver accurate translations to our clients, we ensure built-in quality checks at every point in the translation process. With this in mind, you know you will receive the quality you deserve and expect.

Why choose our French Translation Services?

  • All language combinations
  • All sectors and specializations
  • Competitive rates
  • Quality-minded
  • Outstanding customer care
  • One of the fastest growing translation agencies in Europe
  • Over 60 French professional linguists available, so that your translation project can begin immediately

Quality Assurance in 7 steps

The reason we can assure the quality of your French translation is that we work according to a carefully created plan, designed to maximize quality and minimize the possibility of any error:

  • Your source materials will be carefully analysed, and your translation will be assigned to a Project Manager.
  • A detailed translation strategy will be drawn up for your project.
  • You will be appointed a French translator who lives and breathes the language and culture in France. Our French translators are up to date with the latest language trends and we can guarantee you that your project will have complete and accurate translation, no matter what your topic.
  • A terminology database will be created for your translation.
  • Your source materials will be translated into French .
  • Diverse quality control methods will be used during the actual translation process.
  • Your translation will be put in the appropriate format.
  • The seventh step of our Quality Assurance Scheme is the second proofreading of your translation by a native French linguist.

You pick the languages, we guarantee the quality!

Our global network of translators ensures that we can guarantee you a fast turnaround, even on large documents with short deadlines. Whether it’s French to English or English to French, or French in any other language pair (French-French, German-French, Italian-French, French-French, etc.), the quality of your French translation is guaranteed.

Translation rates for French translations

Clearly, a number of factors (presence of highly technical language in the source text, the requested deadline, total word count and the format of the document are a few) influence the price of a translation from and into French. For a full quote, click on ‘GET A QUOTE‘ and complete the form.

French translation you can trust

How do I begin my French language translation project? Get a price now!

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