European Committee for Standardization introduced EN 15038 in 2006 whose objective was to maintain translation quality standards. It gives translation service companies and agencies a certificate for offering a good quality service for their clients that also complies with requirements of audit institution. This standard is being accepted globally since its inception.

Technical and human resources, management of project and quality are the areas that this standard covers. It is being adopted immediately by the industries where requirement of standard was not just a suggestion but imperative.

Here are the standards set by EN 15038:

Human Resources (Linguists and Translators Competency and Eligibility)

  • Translation services provided by the linguists and translators shall be of acceptable level in reference to terminology, phrasing, grammar and other aspects which are unique to target language.
  • Linguist and translator must have a firm grasp and full awareness of the target language.
  • They must have competence regarding culture and customs, behavior, values.
  • They must have full knowledge and expertise of necessary software and hardware resources.
  • For a particular nature of translation like medical, finance, automotive, localization etc, specialized linguists of those fields shall be used.
  • The most significant and core point is that the translation service providers must have a proper and competitive system of hiring competent linguists to ensure best quality.

Technical Resources

  • All translation service providers shall have the capacity and equipments to handle the documents, data and information of the client confidentially.
  • They shall acquire proper and necessary hardware and software.
  • However, En 15038 doesn’t specifically name the hardware or software that shall be acquired by translation service provider because of rapid innovations in technology.
  • So, a bit of responsibility shall be on the shoulders of clients to make sure that the handling of their documents and archives is confidential and safe.

Other aspects covered by EN 15038

  • Translation service providers shall have a statement that assures the quality and quality of systems and monitoring.
  • A project manager shall be recruited by every translation service provider who can monitor every translation project and maintain quality of translation and also ensure that he complies with the terms of agreement with the client.