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Our professional translators provide expert services to convert your project from 52 languages into Chinese and Chinese into 52 language. Our Chinese language professionals offer not only translation services but also wide-ranging knowledge of the source language, target language and subject matter.

WorldLiterate can produce expert translations in a number of fields, and we offer this industry expertise to businesses and individuals because we are committed to serving our clients. Below is a list with descriptions of just a few of our areas of industry expertise.

Website Translation and Localization

The influence of China in the global marketplace has made it increasingly important to offer your website in Chinese as well as other languages in order to improve sales and your company’s image in China. This will improve your bottom line by tapping a market with more than 1.3 billion potential customers. Our translators understand the intricacies of Chinese culture and language, allowing them to produce translated content that is natural and attractive to help reach new potential customers in China and the Chinese diaspora, important to expanding your firm’s global reach.

Legal Translation

In order to do business in a globalized world where Chinese is increasingly important, specialized legal translations to and from Chinese are needed to keep business flowing across borders and around the world. This type of translation requires precision and accuracy to ensure that the document correctly reflects each party’s intentions in both languages. WorldLiterate produces exceptional legal translations, especially for real estate. If you are transferring a deed, signing a lease, or making an offer in China or speak Chinese and are making an offer in other language, we can translate your document so you’ll know exactly what’s included and what it means for you. Legal documents are frequently difficult to understand, but we can help you understand them.

Financial Translation

WorldLiterate understands that the China is fast-becoming the business center of the world, and that financial translations are increasingly important. Our translators know the industry inside and out and can translate financial terminology into and out of Chinese in both industry-specific language and in layman’s terms, including financial statements, annual reports, and other documentation. These translations can help your business expand its reach and appeal to the Chinese and Chinese-speaking markets.

Marketing Translation

Because marketing materials present your company’s “face” in each market you choose to enter, it’s vital for your company’s reputation that your marketing materials be translated effectively into and out of Chinese. To avoid a marketing disaster, trust your materials only to a translator with a history of accuracy and integrity. At WorldLiterate, we go beyond the literal meaning of your words to localize your content to appeal to your target audience in or out of China using their own idiom and language. From websites and printed materials to slogans and tag lines, our Chinese-language translators will review your marketing materials to ensure a clear and concise message in either Chinese or other language that will help sell your company in new markets using the idioms, values, and attitudes they believe in.

Chinese Language History

Chinese is often mistakenly thought to be a single language. In fact, Chinese comprises numerous languages which are just as different from each other as French, Spanish, Italian and Romanian. Often mutually incomprehensible, their shared status as “Chinese” comes from their association with a single nation and a shared writing system. For spoken Chinese, there are seven main regional groups including Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese and Hakka. Mandarin is the most commonly spoken language of the People’s Republic of China, whereas Cantonese is a dialect used in Hong Kong, Taiwan and parts of Southern China. The Chinese written language uses a system based on logograms where each character represents a morpheme, or a “meaningful unit of language”. Today, there are two types of characters in use. The People’s Republic of China uses a simplified style of characters while Chinese speaking countries and territories outside of the mainland, including Taiwan and Hong Kong, have retained the traditional form.

Why Translate Your Documents and Websites into Chinese?

In the long term – and more and more likely in the short term – translating your marketing and customer communication material into Chinese could save your business. The world is changing rapidly, Chinese document translation will be a major factor in the future health of western businesses.

The Facts

Right now, about 1.3 billion people claim some variation of Chinese as their native tongue. In a world of 7 billion people, 1.3 billion is a huge chunk. In fact, China itself is the second largest economy in the entire world, despite its reputation as a “closed” or even “poor” country. The reality is that China is opening up more and more to international commerce. The Beijing Summer Olympics in 2008 were a testament to China’s newfound commitment to be a global citizen. Already, about 20,000 American businesses sell their products in China, and that number is growing (your business needs to add itself to that list soon!). Through effective translation you can open the lines of communication to a massive emerging market. With website translation and marketing localization, your message will be tailored to that market – Chinese customers will feel right at home with you.

The Trend

Experts say that the world is evening out. Globalization has provoked a spread of modern technology and access to affluence that is already making sweeping changes in every continent. More and more, purchasing power is directly proportional to population. Soon there will cease to be a spending gap between nations. When that happens, China, with one fifth of the global population, will all of a sudden become one fifth of the global market. Absolutely not a demographic to be ignored. Chinese translation is about to become very important. Even if your company does not, and has no intention of doing business overseas, Chinese translation will bring a surge of new customers to your doorstep. Chinese immigration to North America is as strong as it has ever been. Chinese is the third most spoken language in the United States, and over 3% of Canada’s population speaks Chinese.

Why use our Chinese Language Translation services?

  • All of our experienced Chinese translators live and work in China. You can rest assured that our translators are completely up to date with the latest Chinese language, as they relate to your particular project.
  • Accuracy of content is of utmost important to our Chinese translators. No matter what subject matter your project is about, we will appoint you with an expert translator who is not only proficient in Chinese language translations but who understands your specific business.
  • We will assign you a dedicated translator at the start of your assignment, who will remain you main port of call until the project is finished.

We are here to help you determine which variant of Chinese you need to translate into, depending on the market you wish to reach. Depending on your needs, we will recommend either simplified or traditional Chinese characters, and ensure we translate for even the subtlest differences between regions.

WorldLiterate Chinese Translation Service: When nothing but perfection will suffice

WorldLiterate Translations is a market leader in translation, copywriting and localization. We offer our services on a global scale to individuals and businesses. In order to deliver accurate translations to our clients, we ensure built-in quality checks at every point in the translation process. With this in mind, you know you will receive the quality you deserve and expect.

Why choose our Chinese Translation Services?

  • All language combinations
  • All sectors and specializations
  • Competitive rates
  • Quality-minded
  • Outstanding customer care
  • One of the fastest growing translation agencies in Europe
  • Over 30 Chinese professional linguists available, so that your translation project can begin immediately

Quality Assurance in 7 steps

The reason we can assure the quality of your Chinese translation is that we work according to a carefully created plan, designed to maximize quality and minimize the possibility of any error:

  • Your source materials will be carefully analysed.
  • A detailed translation strategy will be drawn up for your project.
  • Your translation or project will be assigned to an expert Chinese translator.
  • A terminology database will be created for your translation.
  • Diverse quality control methods will be used during the actual translation process.
  • Your translation will be put in the appropriate format.
  • The seventh step of our Quality Assurance Scheme is the second proofreading of your translation by a native Chinese linguist.

And the last step, of course, is the Final Quality Assessment for your Chinese translation, conducted by the translator together with the Project Manager, which ensures the exceptional quality and accuracy that characterizes our translations.

You pick the languages, we guarantee the quality!

Our global network of translators ensures that we can guarantee you a fast turnaround, even on large documents with short deadlines. Whether it’s Chinese from/to any other language pair (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, etc.), the quality of your Chinese translation is guaranteed.

Translation rates for Chinese Translations

Clearly, a number of factors (presence of highly technical language in the source text, the requested deadline, total word count) influence the price of a translation from and into Chinese. For a full Intant quote, click on ‘GET A QUOTE‘ and complete the form.

Chinese translation you can trust

How do I begin my Chinese language translation project? Get a price now!

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