Science of Translation

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New Category of Translation

Translation plays important role in any society. Most of the people around the world will realize and understand the folklore, cultural traditions, religions, believes, epics and … of other people in different countries by translation. In addition, translations transfer scientific information between scientists that can develop the welfare of humans during the passing of times….

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Cultural Translation

Cultural translation as an opposite against linguistic translation can be traced back along way; How ever, the main cultural translation theories and theorists came on scene during 1990 and this decade. Hopefully, it is very critical for nuances and small differences among languages which can be drawn by linguistic theories. The more a translator is…

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The Drawbacks of Grammar-translation Method (gtm) for a Developing Country Like Bangladesh

In the general academic context of teaching English as a foreign language (EFL), the Grammar- Translation Method (GTM) is supposed not to be followed anymore though it had been practiced for a long time in the English Language Teaching (ELT) context of Bangladesh most probably since the introduction of the curricula of the general education…

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Translation of Literature Works

Translation plays important role in our era. No body can ignore the vital role of it in technology, science, culture, folklore and tradition, humanity and so on. By translation we will acquire necessary information, different experiences, different skills of different people who live around the world with different races, culture, languages. As we know translation…

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Factors Affecting Untranslatability Within Written Translation Between Persian and English

Translation per se always encounters with different changes from words in to larger possible units. Translation is defined by Catfors (1965) as the replacement of textual material in one language (SL) by equivalent material in other language (TL). During the history, many different and various text types were translated among languages of the world. Moreover,…