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Human vs. Machine Translation Services

Future Of Human Translators With ever more sophisticated machine translation tools available, will human translators be rendered obsolete in the future? Occuring Issues For Translation Services In The Modern World There are a number of issues that come to light when we consider the increasing need for translation services in the modern commercial world. Or,…

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Machine Translation

“Automatic translation” or “machine translation” systems have been available for a number of years. The underlying assumption is that a computer can translate as well as a human translator. We have recently tried out two machine translation systems available on the internet. We tested their ability to translate two short texts: one financial, the other…

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Automated versus Human Translations

There are now three different types of translations available to those in need of translation services: MT (Machine Translations), CAT (Computer-Assisted Translations) and human translations, also known as professional translations and still spelled out in full rather than with initials. For non-professionals, the difference between MT and CAT is unclear, and some consider human translation…