Crappy Translation Can Kill You

The title may sound like a dramatic hyperbole created simply to be a catchy headline – and yes, it is. But it’s also a dramatic catchy headline that happens to be true. This week we’ve been covering a variety of topics regarding mistranslations, language service oversights and translation mistakes. Several articles were published within the…

Game translation More

Game translation – The challenges

Language translation is not a simple field, it has got many sub divisions depending upon the area for which language translation is required. Apart from having in-depth knowledge of required language, the skills, knowledge and techniques required for say, financial translation would be significantly different from the requirements of marketing or literary translation. In the…

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A bad sign for translation?

I seldom find articles I enjoy as much as the one I read on Slate.com the other day, debating the effectiveness of the lovely American EXIT sign. You’ve probably never really stopped to ponder the Exit sign before, but if you will do so now, ask yourself these questions: 1. If you were a non-native…

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Polish Language

The Polish language is the official language of the country of Poland, a nation located in Central Europe, which is bordered by Germany, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Belarus, and Russia. The languages of all of these neighboring countries exercised great influence over the Polish language over time. There are approximately 46 million speakers of Polish,…

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Swedish Language

The Swedish language is a Scandinavian language that is spoken today by more than 9 million people in Sweden, parts of Finland, and elsewhere in Europe and worldwide. The Swedish language has seen a great deal of evolution over the past several hundred years, mostly due to influence from religious factions and other European nations….

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Danish Language

The country of Denmark, located in Northern Europe, is the smallest and southernmost of the Nordic nations. Its capital is the famed city of Copenhagen, and the country is populated by nearly 5.8 million people. The Danish language is the official tongue of Denmark. The Danish language is spoken by 5.5 million people chiefly in…

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Foreign Language Translator

Business and industry today is not a localized phenomenon. Because of the Internet, the world is shrinking rapidly, and cultures are coming together now more than ever before. Because of this, many organizations look to translators to bridge the communication gap between proprietor and customer, and between employer and employee. Translators convert many types of…

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Business Translation Tips

Translators change the environment around us. They open up communication for business translations of all types. They help provide entertainment. They make the world a unified place where each person contributes to the greater good. Everyone’s knowledge is accessible and can be built upon. Our everyday lives are affected by translators and most don’t even…