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Cultural Translation

Cultural translation as an opposite against linguistic translation can be traced back along way; How ever, the main cultural translation theories and theorists came on scene during 1990 and this decade. Hopefully, it is very critical for nuances and small differences among languages which can be drawn by linguistic theories. The more a translator is…

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Hail to German Translation!

The need for German translation is evident as Germany is a leading country in the world of business. It is the most important trade partner for almost all European and many non-European countries, and the third leading trade partner of the USA after Canada. For five years in a row, Germany is a major mover…

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European standard en 15038 and translation service providers

European Committee for Standardization introduced EN 15038 in 2006 whose objective was to maintain translation quality standards. It gives translation service companies and agencies a certificate for offering a good quality service for their clients that also complies with requirements of audit institution. This standard is being accepted globally since its inception. Technical and human…